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5 Tips for Applying Semi Transparent Deck Stain

Applying semi transparent deck stain is an ideal way to add color to your patio as well as protect it. Being aware of the various tips and hints that can be followed during the process of applying the stain will ensure that you achieve a decent result.

Tip #1 – Preparation

In order to ensure that the stain takes properly, it will be necessary to prepare the surface in readiness of accepting the solution. In addition to sweeping up any dirt and debris that may be present on the deck, take some time to give it a more thorough cleaning. If you do not have a pressure washer, a scrubbing brush will be sufficient. Pay particular attention to any marks on the surface as this can result in voids in the stain if they are not taken care of. If any stains have seeped into the wood of the deck, rectify this by gently resurfacing the affected sections with sandpaper. Ensure that you wipe away any resultant dust after this process before beginning to apply any stain.

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