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Help Your Garden and the Planet with Home Composting

Home composting is a simple task. All you need is common household and garden waste, air, a bit of heat, moisture and time for the organic materials to break down into a rich, loamy soil-like material that your plants and soil will love. If you’ve been considering composting at home, read on for inspiration and information.

Advantages of Composting at Home
Home composting is good for you and your family, your garden and the planet. Here are the basics. Compost is filled with healthy nutrients for your plants and soil. Because you choose the ingredients in your homemade compost, you don’t need to worry about harmful compost materials in your garden and yard where your children, pets and birds play. Most importantly, by composting at home, you are doing your part for the environment by putting to good use ingredients that would otherwise end up in the trash and, ultimately, a landfill. Read more…

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